ESX Launches #PassionateSecurity in Schools Initiative at 2018 Electronic Security Expo

#PassionateSecurity Professionals Paint Mural on Expo Floor to be Donated to Parkland’s Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School

Many recent tragedies, school security and safety have taken center stage in public discourse. The growing issues the country’s school systems face are being confronted by activists, leaders and victims of the tragic incidents. Everyone is looking for answers. 

Leaders in the electronic security and life safety industry will roll up their sleeves and contribute some creativity to an interactive art project on the ESX expo floor June 20-21 in Nashville, TN.

As part of ESX’s “#PassionateSecurity in Schools” initiative, which also includes a heartfelt presentation during the show’s Closing Keynote Luncheon on June 22, attendees will be painting a 3-part mural that ESX will then donate to the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

The planned artwork is intended to stimulate an environment of creativity, positive energy, and safety that encourages students to explore and express themselves.

“School districts around the country are looking for expertise in assessing security threats and to address the shortfalls in their current security infrastructure, planning and budgeting,” says Ryan Petty, activist and experienced telecom professional. “We have seen a groundswell of interest in enhancing school security in the wake of the Parkland tragedy. There is a flurry of activity in the public sector on school safety, and in particular the use of security technology to protect students and teachers during class time. We need experienced security professionals to be a part of that conversation.”

As a group of individuals and companies with unique qualifications to help improve and strengthen school security, the electronic security and life safety industry has an opportunity to make a difference.

For this reason, ESX 2018 show will have a focus on #PassionateSecurity in Schools.

Artwork on the mural will be designed before the show, and attendees will each put their own touch on the painting, adding color together throughout the two days the ESX expo is open. This collective creation is representative of an industry coming together, as a whole, to do their part in making our nation’s schools and communities safer for children.

Off the expo floor, the Closing Keynote Luncheon will include perspectives from Petty – who lost his daughter in the MSD shooting in February – as well as an end-user and integrator of security solutions. This panel will discuss practical ways integrators can strategize with schools and universities to take a multifaceted approach to ensure safety and peace of mind for children, educators and parents. 

Through this initiative, the hope is that ESX attendees will leave better equipped and inspired to make a difference in communities across the nation, displaying #PassionateSecurity far beyond the event.

The #PassionateSecurity in Schools initiative is sponsored by CSR Professional Services.

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